Youth Volunteers Lend a Hand at Taqwa Urban Farm, a Composting Effort in the Bronx

IMG_2631High school students from the New York City metropolitan area joined us at Taqwa Urban Farm in the South Bronx for a compost bin build. Composting is nature’s way of recycling decomposed organic materials into rich soil known as compost. Composting organic waste is an effective and natural way to reintroduce lost nutrients into the soil in order for the cycle of life to continue. This is a perfect solution for overused soil that loses its nutrients over a period time. The finished product should look “like soil-dark brown, crumbly and smell like a forest floor”. Here’s a list of 10 good reasons why you should compost.

Students for Service sends a warm thank you to Taqwa Urban Farm and to our high school volunteers and their mentors who spent the day alongside other composting enthusiasts to build this large-scale system.

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