Twenty Teens Volunteer in a South Bronx Community Garden, Marking the First Days of Spring

Students for Service returned once more to the South Bronx community to work with our partners, Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen and NYC Coalition Against Hunger (NYCCAH), to help clean and prepare a community garden. The community garden will be used to grow vegetables and herbs for the Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen, that feeds 400 to 600 neighborhood residents each Saturday. The garden will also provide fresh produce for free distribution to the community, and a green, social space for local residents.

Twenty Students for Service teen volunteers laid the foundation for a community garden aimed at reducing food insecurity and providing fresh produce in this South Bronx neighborhood. Despite the cold weather, the students raked and tilled soil beds, setting the foundation for a healthy garden, and planted early crops, such as pinto beans, that could sustain themselves through frost.

Our volunteers also spent time in the Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen where we helped feed nearly 500 clients and distributed hundred of bags of food from the Caldwell Temple Pantry to the local residents.

Students for Service will return to Caldwell Temple for another soup kitchen, hunger outreach and gardening event with NYCCAH on May 11th. Stay tuned for the announcement and registration link! We hope you will join us.

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