TFFJ Launches new Collaboration with American Heart Association

TFFJ is launching a new collaboration with the American Heart Association for a Comprehensive “Healthy Kids Meal Youth Advocacy” Campaign.

It’s a new year and TFFJ’s urban farming and nutrition education programming is back up and running at the Urban Assembly Unison School in Brooklyn and DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx. This semester, the focus is on empowering young people to assess the availability of healthy meal and drink options in restaurant menus in their neighborhoods and educate their peers, communities, and policymakers about the need for healthier options, and create a plan for mobilizing their communities as advocates for this change.

We are excited to announce that TFFJ is launching a new collaboration with the American Heart Association for a comprehensive “Healthy Kids Meal Youth Advocacy” campaign at The Urban Assembly Unison School in Brooklyn and DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx where TFFJ currently operates youth-led hydroponic farms. TFFJ will also engage students from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus in Manhattan and Brownsville Collaborative Middle School in Brooklyn, where TFFJ farms will open this Fall.

TFFJ’s Advocacy Campaign Coordinator will lead this effort and build out existing TFFJ curricula through which teens survey the local foodscape, assess healthy food options in their neighborhoods, learn about food deserts and food swamps, scrutinize fast food marketing tactics, and explore the importance of counter-marketing. Additionally, through the campaign, students from all four schools will come together for two high-impact leadership conferences. Here, these young leaders will share ideas and strategies for leading their own community-based outreach campaigns focussed on advocating for healthier kids’ meal options.




  • At DeWitt Clinton, students are pressing forward with completion of the brand new Sun Club/Teens for Food Justice Farm, and are working to integrate their farm into the campus community. 80 DeWitt Clinton students are actively enrolled in curricular day STEM programming in the farm along with 20 students from the co-located Bronx Collaborative High School.
  • This spring, students will begin harvesting leafy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and more; supplying their cafeteria with this fresh, hyper-local produce on a daily basis and will join TFFJ for after-school programming.
  • To ensure that produce from TFFJ farms is distributed directly to community members that need it most, TFFJ partners with community-based organizations to get fresh hyper-local, student-grown produce to the neighborhood. At DeWitt Clinton, that means supplying the school-based food pantry run by Good Shepherd Services and working with local partners to establish a school-based farm market later this year.

Stay tuned! We’ll be highlighting the advocacy efforts of our students throughout the semester including our two youth conferences, media campaigns, and community events, all culminating with our annual Unity in the Community celebrations.

We are certainly looking forward to an exciting year!

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