Students Help Plant 20,000 Trees in One Day

environment 1Students for Service teen volunteers helped MillionTreesNYC plant 20,000 trees in one day at PlaNYC reforestation sites citywide with the goal of creating a healthy, self-sustaining urban forests that produce clean air and make our city greener and more livable.

The reforestation initiative is one of 127 programs being implemented by Mayor Bloomberg as part of PlaNYC in order to make New York City greener and more sustainable by increasing approximately 2,000 acres of parkland by 2030. It is also an important initiative of MillionTreesNYC, which provides over one-third of all trees to be planted in the reforestation campaign by 2017.

Many thanks to our volunteers who participated in this event to make NYC greener and more livable for millions of New Yorkers.

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