Students for Service Returns for the Third Time at Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen


Students for Service volunteers returned for the third time to Caldwell Temple Soup Kitchen in collaboration with NYCCAH (NYC Coalition Against Hunger), but this time the students worked exclusively in the garden, a few minutes walk from the soup kitchen.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions in March, we were not able to perform the garden component of the service outreach. But this time, we were extremely pleased that the weather was favorable so that seventeen high school students from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx could come together to help prepare a community garden that will provide healthy produce to the soup kitchen and the local community.

The student volunteers did a range of activities, such as leveling the planter beds. Including filling several planter beds with soil and mixing it with fresh compost. The volunteers helped with landscaping; they removed the straw from the growing grass. The reason why straw was placed over the grass is because straw helps hide the grass seeds from hungry birds who can ruin your lawn before the seeds have a chance to germinate. Straw can also reduce erosion and hold the seeds in place on uneven or hilly ground.

Lastly, the students initiated the first wave of planting. In the end, the students learned a lot about gardening, each other, and had tons of fun. Check out the video below of Mariama who volunteered with us during this event and learn why she does service!

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