Plumb Beach Cleanup

On Saturday, April 21st, 20 student and faculty volunteers joined Students for Service and NYC Aubudon for its Earth Day 2012 Beach Clean-Up at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn.

Teens representing Bronx Science, Stuyvesant, the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women, Bronx Theater School, Elizabeth Irwin, Greenberg Eleven, Forest Hills High School and Benjamin Cardozo High School “removed more than 150 bags of trash from the beach and marsh, as well as a bunch of larger debris [including a kitchen sink],” said John Rowden, NYC Aubudon’s Associate Director of Citizen Science and Outreach, “NYC Aubudon appreciates your help in our efforts to protect wild birds and their habitat in New York City. We couldn’t do what we do without you!”

“When I took the trip to the NYC Audubon with StudentsforService, it was a very educational experience. Before we got to the beach, we got a tutorial on what to do and a mini lesson about the marine life from an instructor. I am a student who is interested in doing marine biology when I get older so I was very interested in the lesson. When we got to the beach we were given trash bags and gloves to pick up trash from the beach. I went along with the instructor who observed the marine life at the beach. As we cleaned the beach, we discovered different types of animals such as geese and crabs. The instructor told me brief facts about the animals we came across as well a short history of the beach. The whole experience for me was very enlightening and fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
— Samantha Scantlebury, grade 10

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