XXX Teens for Food Justice In Action

Teens for Food Justice Service Day 8: A Grand Finale to Mark a Year of New Beginnings for Health & Wellness in Bed-Stuy

June 20, 2014 On Saturday, June 14th, Lewis Avenue in Brooklyn was… Read more

Teens for Food Justice Service Day 7: Keeping Mind and Body Fit (and Feeding Both Well)

May 10, 2014 The Teens for Food Justice team’s second-to-last service… Read more

Service Day 6: Making a Difference with (and through)
Hands, Hearts, Minds

April 5, 2014 Flanked by two big community outreach programs in… Read more

Service Day 5: From Farm to Table and Everything in Between

March 8, 2014  The Teens for Food Justice team kicked off National… Read more

Service Day 4: Shopping Matters

February 8, 2014  Can a family of four eat a healthy meal for $10 or less… Read more

Service Day 3: Tastes of Our Harvest

January 11, 2014  New Beginnings Charter School was jam-packed with… Read more

Service Day 2: In With Seeds of Change

December 14, 2013  Could ice-cold wind and snow stop the Teens for… Read more

Service Day 1: From the Ground Up

November 23, 2014  A bright, early morning marked the launch of our… Read more



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