Our Farm is Now Bigger, Better, Stronger

We’re pleased to announce a successful build of three new hydroponic growing systems in the New Beginnings classroom farm. The hard work of the volunteer team has brought our plan for doubled growing capacity to fruition!

Our first service day of the season, on October 18th, also brought other exciting firsts:

New Volunteer Team

New and returning volunteers met for the first time, getting to know each other as they ploughed through an impressive set of tasks and had fun doing it: drilling, caulking, measuring, screwing, clipping, soldering, transplanting, washing, pouring, you name it — they did it all. Check out our photo album on Facebook for more great photos of the build!

New Crops

We’ve introduced strawberries, cucumbers, green onions and many herbs to our repertoire, which the kids at the school can’t wait to taste! We also have six cherry tomato plants already growing big and strong.

PicMonkey Collage


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