Unison Students Host Their First Farm Tours!

We couldn’t be prouder as we look back on the Unison farm’s first community open house, which was held March 4th. Unison students and families showed up in droves to see the farm and sample healthy recipes, and the student team proudly led top-notch tours of their hard work.

The hall outside the farm packed with people, two to three students took small groups in at a time, reviewing everything from what was growing to how the systems worked, answering questions without missing a beat. Many of our most timid students visibly gained confidence, jumping in to lead their own tours. It was truly excellent to watch the students’ parents look on proudly, seeing what their children had learned and put into action. At the end of the night, families had the treat of taking home fresh lettuce and cucumbers from the farm.


Cooking With Our Crops

A special guest for the night was a local culinary student, Azza Bushra, who volunteered to prepare some delicious recipe tastings for families to enjoy. Kids on the TFFJ team were eager to jump in and help her, learning how to prepare pasta mixed with sautéed Swiss chard and garlic, and rice with curried chickpeas and kale. All were a huge hit, with many parents coming back to take a recipe to cook at home.

Another favorite recipe sample savored by our guests was the farm fresh salad. Mentors and students worked together to re-create, tweak and perfect the three fantastic salad dressings they had created few days earlier during the TFFJ student cook-off. Drizzled atop hand-harvested lettuce and baby kale, the students’ culinary creativity had its chance to shine!

Partnering Up With Wellness in the Schools (WITS)

Thanks to an ongoing collaboration with Wellness in the Schools (WITS), the Teens for Food Justice team’s open house and recipe offerings were available to all families in the co-located school building as a part of WITS’ Family Fitness Fun Night. After enjoying tours and tastings, families and students alike raised their heart rates and spirits at a series of fitness workshops.

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