Volunteer Photographer Angela Captures Our Year of Service

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the images from our year of farming and outreach tell some rich and engaging stories. Thanks to Angela Kou, who joined us this year as a volunteer photographer, we have been able to share the beauty of hands-on collaboration, youth leadership and community wellness that we see every day!

akbio[1]Currently a postdoc in the Applied Physics Department at Yale University, Angela took a break from her studies of superconductors once a month to join us for service days in the classroom farm. Photographing every step along the way, from the construction of hydroponic systems to the bustling energy of teen-led community outreach activities, Angela helped bring the colorful stories of teen volunteers and community members to life.

“I love coming to the service events and capturing images of the teens working together,” said Angela, who has followed the TFFJ team throughout their yearlong journey. “It has been amazing to watch the team build up the classroom farm and educate this community about healthy eating.”

Take a closer look at Angela’s beautifully fascinating personal photography at purplewandering.squarespace.com.

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With Angela’s up-close storytelling of our work at Teens for Food Justice, everyone can experience the growth of the indoor farm and the positive youth and community energy it engaged. To get the full picture, make sure to visit the TFFJ Flicker page and see our growth through a year of photos.


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