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Partner with us and transform your school or community center into a local source of freshly grown produce and a beacon of nutrition and health education, year round!

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Fresh Food and a Youth-Led Food Justice Movement

Teens for Food Justice (TFFJ) is a unique school-based program for youth, ages 12 to 18. We work with teens to build and cultivate indoor hydroponic farms that serve as local sources for fresh food and centers for nutrition and health education in their schools and communities. Here, students gain transferable expertise and leadership skills in food justice advocacy, nutrition education and cutting-edge urban agricultural technology that empower them to advocate for health and food equity in their own communities.

The Teens for Food Justice Experience

Hydroponic Farm

The TFFJ program teaches youth the real-world science, engineering and economics of growing significant quantities of food indoors, in urban settings, using an array of hydroponic systems they build themselves. School-wide benefits of the classroom farm include:

  • Up to 1000 lbs per month of fresh produce year-round at each location for students and families in the greater community; up to 19,000 lbs annually for daily school lunch and community families
  • A living, green science lab for use by all school students enrolled in STEM subjects
  • Exposure to the cutting edge technology of a new and growing economic sector
  • Green Workforce Development and job ready skills

Youth Leadership

Each day in the classroom farm brings new projects and experiences that challenge students to think critically about food justice and their communities; leadership and advocacy training helps teens transform knowledge into action:

  • Teens become ambassadors for health and food equity
  • Teens gain the skills and confidence to empower others to take charge of their own health

Improving Community Health Through Weekly Fresh Food Box Program & More

Combating diet-related illnesses is about taking small steps each day to change how we eat and live. Teens for Food Justice’s Fresh Food Box Program enables community members to purchase fresh, healthy produce that was grown by Teens for Food Justice students in their high-capacity school-based hydroponic farms using SNAP/EBT, all major credit/debit cards, and cash.

Each Fresh Food Box contains enough produce for two people for an entire week and always includes a unique mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables for just $14.

In addition to our student-led Fresh Food Box Program, TFFJ students engage their communities in comprehensive food justice advocacy campaigns that include:

  • Analyzing fresh food availability in local supermarkets and grocery stores through surveying and food resource mapping
  • Lobbying local elected officials for more support of initiatives to combat food insecurity in their communities
  • Leading cooking demos and nutrition education workshops at each fresh food box distribution site, and at school-wide and community outreach events

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