Fresh Herbs and Heirloom Tomatoes


Not only do Teens for Food Justice volunteers build hydroponic farms, harvest cucumbers and tomatoes in the dead of winter, and host a mean game of Junk Food Jeopardy – they are also a dedicated and highly creative event planning committee. This month, the team will be turning the healthy grocery shopping lessons they learned in their “Cooking Matters at the Store” training into a mock supermarket tour for local families, and they regrouped for an extra service day this weekend to plan this and other aspects of their upcoming community harvest event. They will use recycled food containers to recreate supermarket aisles, each featuring a food group and incorporating useful nutrition lessons and money-saving tips. Volunteers also had a fun opportunity to introduce a member of the New Beginnings PTA to their work in the farm, joining her in trimming our herb crops and hanging fresh, fragrant sprigs of basil, mint and thyme to dry. These herbs will find their way into the middle school cooking club’s tasty creations, and will be featured in cooking demonstrations at our next harvest celebration in late February!


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