Empower Young Food Justice Leaders to Grow Nutritious Food and Make Real Change in Their Communities With Your Gift

TFFJ’s works to ensure an equitable, affordable food system for all through empowering youth to bring this needed change. Your support empowers at-risk teens in schools throughout NYC to grow thousands of pounds of produce annually for their communities and become ambassadors for the nutrition and lifestyle skills that combat food insecurity and its negative impacts on health.

Teens for Food Justice has built school-based hydroponic farms and developed its youth-led food justice movement through individual contributions like yours. Thank you for supporting our youth as they become the next generation of leaders in the fight for food justice and build a healthier, more equitable New York.

Here’s how your support makes a difference:

$100 covers supplies and equipment for a student-led healthy food prep and tasting demonstration at a Food Box site.

$500 funds a semester of paid urban argiculture and community food distribution workforce development experience for a young Food Box intern.

$1,000 underwrites one month of supplies and outreach materials for a youth-run Food Box site, which provides affordable access to healthy, fresh produce in an at-risk community.

$2,500 underwrites a school farm’s nutrition, health and food justice advocacy afterschool programming for a full semester.

$5,000 purchases all seeds and farm supplies needed for a farm to grow 15,000 pounds of produce for a food insecure community in one year.

$10,000 buys one vertical growing system, producing 4,000+ pounds (21,600 servings) of fresh, healthy produce per year.

$25,000 supports a full year of STEM curriculum, teacher training, and hands-on urban ag education for hundreds of students at a school-based farm.

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“I didn’t know that in the areas where obesity is highest, people are the most food insecure. That sort of blew my mind.” — TFFJ Student

Empowering Teens Feeding Communities Building a Healthy Sustainable Future