Beyond Food for Thought

At the 5th service day of the TFFJ program year last weekend, mentors and volunteers celebrated the kickoff of spring with a bountiful harvest and creative advocacy projects. The team enjoyed a salad of freshly harvested lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes from the farm and took home beautiful bunches of kale and Swiss chard. The second half of our harvest was shuttled to the food pantry at Bushwick City Farm by bike!

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In the afternoon, our brilliant mentor team took the reigns, sharing important information about sustainability and food waste, and leading advocacy workshops and brainstorming sessions that will prepare TFFJ volunteers to lead their peers at our food justice service summit in May.

Mentor-led projects included:

  • Sustainability advocacy: how to create powerful messages that encourage actions to reduce food and plastic waste
  • Teaching hydroponics: teens created a lesson plan and a hands-on hydroponics engineering demo to introduce others to the concept of hydroponics in urban agriculture
  • Youth Food Justice Zine: a group of teens and mentors used their creative streaks to create a photo-documentary of TFFJ building and harvesting from the farm for an independent publication aimed at making voices of youth in the food justice movement heard: Check out the Youth Food Justice Zine
  • Eating healthy fast food: Since we have to face the fast that sometimes time constraints mean you have to choose fast food for dinner. Teens worked on nutrition and price comparisons of picking the healthiest options on various fast food menus.

 What’s next? On April 18th, the Teens for Food Justice team will be leading the community in family fitness and stress-buster activities to boost well-being. New Beginnings parents will be hosting their first cook-a-thon, featuring smoothie and salad-making competitions!


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