2015 Summit: Serving Others, Inspiring Action

This month, we took a significant step forward in our mission to raise the volume and impact of youth voices in advocating for a healthier and more sustainable New York: on Saturday, May 16th, we hosted our first annual Youth Service & Advocacy Summit, Bringing Food Justice to NYC!, a full day of teen community service and leadership training organized in partnership with YouthVoiceNYC of the Resilience Advocacy Project, hosted by Grand Street Settlement’s Bushwick Hylan Community Center and generously sponsored by Macy’s.

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The Summit brought together representatives of twenty organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, NYC Service, Community Food Advocates and a group of central Brooklyn community farms and food pantries, who joined us in empowering a diverse group of 50 teen volunteers, representing all five boroughs and 30 high schools, to make their mark on the future of food and the environment in our city.

Want to learn more? Read about the Summit through the eyes of a youth volunteer!

We could not be more excited and grateful for the outpouring of support and enthusiasm that this event generated. Keep an eye out for our summit next year!


“Training our youth at an early age to think about to how to eat the healthiest food possible, that they have choices, how to access food that is grown locally — all of these are going to be the issues of our future. Empowering youth to be a part of that movement and conversation is the way that you make societal change in the long-term.” — Kathy Soll, CEO

Empowering Teens Feeding Communities Building a Healthy Sustainable Future