The TFFJ Mission

Teens for Food Justice is galvanizing a youth-led food justice movement! TFFJ works in Title 1 schools to train youth to become urban farmers: building and maintaining indoor hydroponic farms that yield more than 22,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually at each location. TFFJ school farms also serve as youth-led centers for nutrition and health outreach to local low-income, food desert communities.

Our young urban farmers experience the rewards of building a meaningful, working solution to food insecurity where nothing existed before. In the process, they transform their relationship to the food they eat, while developing the science and technology skills needed in a new green sector economy.

What We Believe In: Access to Healthy Food for All New Yorkers

Sixteen percent of New Yorkers are food insecure and undernourished and more than 1 million reside in “food desert” communities; 25% of these residents are children. Currently, NYC spends over $4 billion on healthcare related to poor diet/malnutrition and this number continues to grow.

Teens for Food Justice Has a Simple and Sustainable Solution to This Problem

This begins in the school cafeteria, where many children receive their most nutritious, and sometimes only, meal of the day. Our youth-run farms provide fresh produce daily for their schools’ cafeterias; the remainder is distributed affordably to the local community. Students also serve as health and wellness ambassadors to others. They become confident, proud leaders in a grassroots food justice movement in their own communities and trailblazers for a healthy, sustainable future for all.

Our philosophy is simple: Give someone a meal and you feed him or her for a day. Teach young people to lead a healthy food movement and you feed a community for a lifetime!

Empowering Teens Feeding Communities Building a Healthy Sustainable Future